Romance, mystery and magic, with a touch of spine-tingling suspense …

‘A beautifully written tale of lost love and second chances, laced through with a touch of Irish magic. This is romantasy as its best, and I loved it!’

Jessie Cahalin,
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About Adrienne Vaughan

Adrienne Vaughan has been a writer since the age of seven, from the moment she first sat at the kitchen table, thumping out stories about ponies, witches, and unicorns on her turquoise Petite typewriter.

Today she writes award-winning, page-turning romantic suspense.

Adrienne’s first three books, The Hollow Heart, A Change of Heart and Secrets of the Heart – feature a feisty investigative journalist, a wilful West Highland terrier and a supporting cast of highly entertaining and eccentric characters; all set on a remote isle off the West Coast of Ireland.

Her latest novels, Summer of Secrets and Secrets of the Shell Sisters − are both spell-binding family sagas with a touch of Celtic magic and are based on Ireland’s Ancient East Coast.

Her collection of short stories and poetry, Fur Coat & No Knickers, was shortlisted for the Irish Carousel Prize for Anthology. Her short story Dodo’s Portrait was shortlisted for the Colm Toíbín International Short Story Award at the Wexford Literary Festival in 2018, and her short story Matilda’s Wings was runner up in the Society of Women Writers & Journalists Short Story Competition 2023.

All her books are enchanting, heart-warming, and uplifting tales of mystery and romance, laced with twists and turns, and many laugh out loud moments.

Brought up in Dublin, Adrienne now lives in the English countryside with her husband, two cocker spaniels and a rescue cat called Agatha Christie – ‘So-named because we never know who she’s going to kill next!’

Two of her favourite places in the world are the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland and the coast of South Devon, both great influences on her writing.

A former journalist, Adrienne runs her own PR practice, whilst writing novels, poems and short stories in her spare time.

And although being a novelist has always been her destiny, she still harbours a burning ambition to one day be a Bond girl!

Award-Winning Romantic Suspense

Praise for Adrienne’s work...

    The plot is fast paced and the characters wonderfully depicted .I really enjoyed this read and I’m looking forward to the next in the series.

    Wonderful ending to the trilogy

    As with the other two books, Secrets of the Heart is wonderfully crafted, the engaging mix of characters vividly drawn and credible, and to top it off there’s the evocative and beautiful island of Innishmahon

    A skilful writer tells an amazing story

    It’s a love story with a love for life and living with an intimate knowledge of a wonderful setting. The more I read the greater my love of the unusual characters which are so well drawn.

    This collection is absolutely wonderful. It’s a series of snapshots – peeps into the lives of a varied assortment of characters. Each and every one of them is interesting, but for different reasons.

    Magical tale of secrets, second chances and sisterhood

    A beautifully written tale of relationships, lost love and second chances, laced through with a touch of Irish magic – so deftly delivered it feels as natural as the sea itself.
    This is romantasy at its best and I loved it.

    I think all Adrienne Vaughan’s books are just fabulous

    Compelling and magical story

    Long after you have finished this novel, and the credits roll, you will be thinking about the magic of this story and its layers of meaning, behind the scenes.

    ‘These books are so well written that you fall in love with the characters and the island, and since the point of reading a novel is to become lost in a story, I can’t recommend this one highly enough.’

    ‘A wonderful read, leaving one with a sense of warmth and well-being. Even now, the characters and story are vivid in my mind.
    An excellent writer who deserves to be a best-seller.’

    Great Debut

    This isn’t a straightforward romance – there are several dramatic and significant threads running through the narrative. I found Oonagh’s storyline particularly touching and poignant.

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