Official London launch


That Summer at the Seahorse Hotel


The Betjeman Arms
St Pancras International

My novels are romantic suspense, surely St Pancras is one of the most romantic and suspenseful railway stations in the world – even the train to Paris leaves from just beside the Champagne Bar! *sigh*

Nearly fifty guests ‒ author friends, work colleagues, old school chums, journalists, literary agents and editors – plus my superstar husband Jonathan, piled into a private room at The Betjeman Arms, where despite it being February, a full on sunshiny Mediterranean luncheon was served frosty bottles of the finest Prosecco & Peroni known to man (to misquote ‘Withnail and I’).

Following a very funny yet moving introduction by literary agent Lisa Eveleigh of Richford Becklow and The Paris Press, I chatted about the inspiration behind the novel – including how I discovered some World War II secrets – and took some intriguing and searching questions from my guests. I then read the poem which opens the book That Summer, before corks popped and the celebrations began.

It gives me great pleasure to share it with you here …

That summer …

Through seaweed hair and slitted eyes,

We woke to watch the Sun God rise,

Laid nestled in our sunken dune,

Where swooning, we had bathed in moon.

But night had left us high and dry,

The dawn flashed waves, mid seabirds cry,

And silken sand, now smooth and damp

Gave telling of our lovers’ camp.

So fingers touching, side by side,

We stood to face the rising tide,

For soon we would be crying too,

Sweet sea salt tears, soft as the dew

That glistened on the sandy gorse,

Dark, prickly leaves … to draw remorse.

Yet solid, in your calm embrace,

We’re unashamed, there’s no disgrace,

We gave our love, all ours to give

And while I breathe and while I live

My heart is sealed, I’ll never tell,

Your secret’s safe … Seahorse Hotel.