That Summer at The Seahorse Hotel

Beautifully written, full of emotion, a rollercoaster of read!

5 Star Review

Mia Flanagan has never been told who her father is and aged ten, stopped asking.

Haunted by this, she remains a dutiful daughter who would never do anything to bring scandal or shame on her beautiful and famously single mother.

So when Archie Fitzgerald, one of Hollywood’s favourite actors, decides to leave Mia his Irish estate, she asks herself – is he her father after all?

That Summer at the Seahorse Hotel is a tale of passion, jealousy and betrayal – and the ghost of a secret love that binds this colourful cast yet still threatens, after all these years, to tear each of them apart.

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“A beautifully well written story set in a wonderfully described location. Mia is searching for answers, her father unknown and questions to be answered, as her beloved uncle is dying now might be the time to find out her history. Full of emotion this is a rollercoaster of a ride. “

Lucy Woods, Netgalley Reviewer