About Me

Adrienne Vaughan talking books in WaterstonesFive things you need to know ….

  • I write romantic suspense with Irish roots and a touch of Hollywood glamour

  • I love the movies – my leading ladies are strong women who basically get into scrapes

  • I adore heroes – my leading men can tackle any amount of ‘baddies’ at the drop of hat, which is just as well for my leading ladies

  • I’m an ‘equal opportunities’ writer, my heroines are quite capable of rescuing their men too and usually do

  • Always a happy ending but there’ll be murder, mayhem and many a twist on the way!


Five things you don’t…

  • I write my novels longhand in ink

  • My characters talk to me in the bath so I’ve to leap out and write down what they’ve said

  • I loathe showers – see above

  • All my heroines names begin with M, heroes names R – don’t ask me why?

  • I wish I could write faster but a book is like a painting, it’s not finished till it’s finished…and only the author/artist knows when!